How to overcome approach anxiety in pickup 

Approach anxiety is a fear or feeling that stops men from approaching beautiful women and flirting. It is a condition in which men are afraid to approach women. They fear that women won't accept them as they are.

These men do not have to feel insecure about dating women. But, they feel they lack the skills to make a strong first impression and attract women. They are afraid of being rejected by everyone and this belief keeps them from approaching women.

This is normal!

Men are very susceptible to approach anxiety. Approach anxiety is a common problem for them. Many dating coaches suggest that you keep approaching women until your anxiety about approaching them disappears. 

This is dangerous advice!

This advice has been helpful to many men who have severe anxiety and limited skills. They approach women with nervous ticks and women reject them as a result. This becomes a vicious circle and increases their insecurity and anxiety

To overcome anxiety, you must first identify the triggers and then create a plan to address them. The triggers for anxiety can vary between men and women.

These are three things most men share in common: 

Before your date even occurs, you need to make sure that you plan for it properly. You need to think of what you should do to prepare for it to be as perfect as possible. To give you an idea about that, here are some things you must not miss out on when you plan your first date. 

1. Incorrect Information:

Many men feel uncomfortable approaching women for a relationship. They were taught as children that expressing sexual desire for women is an act of objectification. They are told that women don't like being approached and that men disrespect women when they approach them.

Many men are taught false messages by their parents that beautiful, high-quality women can only be dated by men who have money and looks.

These mixed messages can confuse men about the best strategy to meet women, and cause anxiety. They don't want women to feel uncomfortable when they approach women. 

2. Bad Relationship Experience:

Some men keep their past relationships failures, which can lead to anxiety.

For a long period of time, men who are unmarried assume that they cannot be attractive to women. Instead of focusing on how women can meet them, t hey try to internalize the notion that women aren't attracted to them. Sometimes, men are unable to recover from the loss of a woman in their relationships.

They mistakenly believe that a woman leaving a relationship with a man is an indication that they are not strong enough to keep any woman. 

These destructive messages are self-fed to men and can make them feel unattractive.

3. Mindsets:

Some men fall prey to their thoughts. They think for women. They believe they have the responsibility of making women feel at ease. They are afraid of being rejected by women and avoid flirting with them.

This mindset not only discourages men from approaching women, but also shows a lack of faith in women's ability to take care of themselves. It is usually one or more of these factors that stop men from approaching women.

Some Tips to Overcome Approach Anxiety

Do you want to know how to use the killer pickup line that you just found? This 6-step guide will show you how to approach any woman. Although it may seem simple, once you understand what to do it will become a breeze.

Remember the pickup line you like?

Practice in front of the mirror.

 You can choose to go to a cafe, grocery store, café, or club. Or you can just walk down the street.

Don't drink before you approach someone. Most guys find it hard to stop drinking, which worsen the situation.

Have fun and go out. Start small. It is possible to take small steps over a longer period of time. Don't try to jump across a huge cliff. Instead, approach women with an intention to have fun and not expect anything more. When you're just starting out, it is counterproductive to seduce a woman only for one night. You'll become very anxious and you won't be able to perform well.

Stop Approach Anxiety!

It is easy to approach people. Just start small. Begin by asking for time. Smile and start small conversations. Most women don't mind if a man talks to them at the perfect moment. You shouldn't be discouraged from approaching them when they aren't in the right mood. Cold approaching should be considered a "gap" measure before you can really master advanced techniques in seduction. 

Approach anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension that occurs when one is faced with a social situation where they are expected to talk to strangers. It can be caused by many factors, such as shyness, introversion, lack of confidence or experience in social situations. 

The best way to overcome approach anxiety is by practicing it in low-stakes situations. This allows you get used to the feeling and helps you gain more confidence when approaching people. 

Overcoming approach anxiety in pickup may take time to but with the right mindset and understanding of the problem, you can achieve success in overcoming this issue!

4 Practical Ways To Get Over Approach Anxiety

1. Be Positive About Your Negative Thoughts about Approaching

It's almost impossible to ignore the fear and doubts that flood your brain when you stare at a gorgeous girl who doesn't even look your way. 

No matter where she is, nearly every girl thinks about her attractiveness. Or she's focused on what she does (working, shopping or eating). 

Every other guy is focused on the girls. Everyone is focused on themselves and their goals for meeting people. No one is looking at you. So don’t let fear stop you taking that first step.

2. You Know How to Correctly Address a Girl

No matter how many girls are approached, if you don’t know what to tell a girl, it doesn’t matter how many. There are many topics we can discuss with girls, but these are some safe topics to approach a girl. Talk about the strange and interesting things happening around you. 

You can learn some history about the places that you have visited and pass it on to girls. You can also make something absurd and funny to get her laughing. 

Do not try to be cooler than what you actually are. Use words that you don't understand the meaning of. Be yourself, as she will eventually figure out that you are being too likeable and not you.

3. Find the Right Places to Meet Women 

This step is extremely simple and will make your life easier. 

Meet girls where you have a connection. 

Consider what you love: You can enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, browse books, join a volleyball team or take your dog to the dog park. You will feel at ease, and girls who are there will naturally feel the same way. 

Unless your girls are avid bar crawlers, you should stop looking for girls in bars. Instead, find what you enjoy and socialize with women.

4. Recognize that she's not a perfect person 

Many men associate beauty with other ‘perfect qualities.’ In this way, they automatically assume that a girl's beautiful face/body means her personality is also stunning. 

They are even more anxious to speak to her. 

Are you familiar with men and women who look great but are also very stupid, rude, boring, or rude? How can you possibly be sure this girl isn’t like that? 

This beautiful girl is just like you. She has flaws, problems and insecurities. 

Approach her with this exact mindset. You can find out if she is as positive as her appearance. If it isn't, don't be afraid of moving on. This will make it easy to forget about any nervousness that you might feel during the approach.

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